3 Helpful E-Commerce Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Stand Out

Rony M

e-commerce marketingE-commerce marketing is a necessary part of any online business that sells products, no matter what kind, to grab the attention of search engines and target audiences. If you recently got your e-commerce site up and cannot wait to share your wares with the masses, use these tips to help get your products noticed.

Spread E-Commerce MarketingContent Across Social Media

Be the fairy godmother of your e-commerce sites’ social media pages. Experiment with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms to see what works best for your products and nix those that don’t. Sure, you can automate your platforms so the same content appears on all of them, but this does not offer the diversity you need. Your target audience will not be interested in following you on Facebook AND Twitter if you post the exact same stuff all the darn time. Find at least two platforms that suit your needs and put different stuff on each of them. Remember not to make your content a constant sales pitch either, as this will also bore your audience.

Create an Email-Based Loyalty Program

Hit two marketing birds with one stone by creating an exclusive loyalty program your customers need to sign up through email for. This is a great way to build your email list and make your customers happy with exclusive promo codes, discounts, special online events, and other fun stuff. Once you have a decent email list, create an automated marketing campaign that sends emails to your audience one or two times a week. Try not to go beyond three emails a week, otherwise it will seem like you are stalking your customers and they won’t like that one bit.

Advertise Free Shipping in One of Two Ways

Promote free shipping as part of your e-commerce marketing efforts--you will not be sorry. Announce it on social media and in your email campaigns, but do so in a way that will not upset the company bank account. Make free shipping a distinct possibility when a customer orders a certain dollar amount of your products, such as $50 or $100, or when he or she signs up for your email list or loyalty program. You can also keep free shipping as an option without paying through the company nose by reducing the amount of packing materials used whenever possible. If an item will not shatter despite a lack of bubble wrap or other packing materials, then why use them? Use any or all of these methods to provide free shipping without draining your e-commerce marketing funds.

These are just some of the nifty ways to give your e-commerce site the attention it needs to thrive. Remember to keep the content fresh, the graphics engaging and vivid, and the product descriptions on point - and see what happens!

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