How To Advertise On Facebook Successfully: 5 Tips

Arpa S

Fotolia_99809788_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgSince the social media juggernaut has shown no signs of leaving the marketing pantheon, learning how to successfully advertise on Facebook is one of the best things you can do to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. If you are new to advertising on social media and are unsure about where to begin, use the following five tips to make your upcoming campaign a success:

1. Pick High-Quality Images

This may sound trite, however, choosing super-high-quality images is always key, whether advertising on Facebook or anywhere else. Visuals account for about 80 percent of the impact your ads will have on your target audience, so ensure you images are close-up, vibrant, positive, and grab the consumer’s attention. The social media site displays images featuring 100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall resolution, but you will do better to use images with higher resolution to create a clean, crisp look.

2. Take Advantage of Facebook Insights

Learning about specific sections of your target audience via Facebook Audience Insights is invaluable. This free tool provides helpful data so you know exactly who your audience is based on consumers who already like your Facebook page. It saves a whole lot of time, money, and stress, as you will no longer be creating ads blindly and hoping for the best.

3. Consider Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers is another outstanding tool similar to Google Offers Extensions. It is a great tool for promoting special offers, such as giving away an eBook or product sample collection, in exchange for consumer email addresses. You can also use the tool to encourage consumers to visit your store location for a free gift with purchase or something similar. These deals are for Facebook users only, and it is recommended that you start with your fans before branching out to general users.

4. Get Specific When You Advertise on Facebook

Creating unique advertisements for each segment of your audience is another great way to advertise on Facebook. This is perhaps the coolest feature on the social media site’s ad platform, as you can create multiple advertisements and put them before different groups. You can also use the same ad on two or more different audiences. This allows for much better targeting that also lets you see how your ads perform for different segments of your target demographic.

5. Always Connect to a Landing Page

Ensuring your ads connect to correlating landing pages is imperative- otherwise, even the best ads are all for naught. Having your audience click on a landing page, whether to learn more about a product or service, enjoy a great deal, or anything else, allows you to show your consumers why they need your brand before encouraging them to buy. Landing pages provide consumers with the option to learn more, and subsequently helps them feel in control of their buying decisions instead of being pressured.

Advertise on Facebook using these tips and see if they don’t work wonders for you and your team. For help with social media advertising, contact Softline Solutions today!